iPod shuffle

iPod shuffle, the world’s most wearable music player, now clips on in more vibrant blue, green, pink, and red.


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Instant attachment.

Wear up to 500 songs on your sleeve. Or your belt. Or your gym shorts. iPod shuffle is a badge of musical devotion. Now in new, more brilliant colors.

Feed your iPod shuffle.

iTunes is your entertainment superstore. It’s your ultra-organized music collection and jukebox. And it’s how you load up your iPod shuffle in one click.

Beauty and the beat.

Intensely colorful anodized aluminum complements the simple design of iPod shuffle. Now in blue, green, pink, red, and original silver.

  • Aukštis 27.3 mm
  • Plotis 41.2 mm
  • Depth 10,5 mm (clip compris)
  • Weight 15.5 g
  • Headphone Mini-jack stereo

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